Dog Training Classes in Buckinghamshire

Dog Training Classes

Join our fun, friendly and informative dog training classes in the High Wycombe and the surrounding areas. 

We aim to create a relaxed environment which will encourage you and your dog to learn. Class sizes are kept small so that you both get maximum benefit from your time in the class.

Dog Training Class Levels:

  • Puppy Life Skills – Level 1
  • Foundation Life Skills – Level 2
  • Dog Club – Level 3
  • Walk n Train

Kick start your dogs training with our range of puppy and dog training classes

Puppy Life Skills Course

Puppy training classes are suitable for puppies from 10 to 26 weeks of age and are valuable for teaching appropriate socialisation, key life skills and basic obedience. We will be supporting you in laying important foundations which you will continue to build upon. Throughout the course, your pup’s confidence will continue to grow along with the relationship between you both.

Each Puppy Course runs for 5 weeks and each session lasts 50 mins.

What will we cover on the course?

  • Eye contact
  • Reflex to name
  • Basic commands such as Sit & Down
  • Impulse control such as Wait, Leave and not jumping up
  • How to settle & be calm
  • Introduction to teaching your puppy to come when called
  • How to teach your dog to walk on a loose lead
  • Introduction to novelty items for confidence building
  • Focus around distraction

Puppies must have completed their first two initial vaccinations prior to attending the course. Book your space on the next course via our bookings page.


Foundation Life Skills Course

The 5 week foundation course is a follow -on course from the puppy course or a beginners class for dogs older than 6 months at the start of the course.

Your dog will explore exercises and training techniques to help them in their day to day lives. 

This is a mixed ability course. We adapt the behaviours to suit your dog’s level.  If your dog is already familiar with a behaviour, we look at proofing and enhancing their skills by extending distances, introducing distractions and building on duration.  This makes it easier for them to perform your commands in a variety of settings and become more reliable. 

What will we cover on the course?

  • Focus around distractions
  • Impulse control such as Wait, Leave and not jumping up
  • How to settle & be calm
  • Teaching your dog to come when called
  • Teaching your dog to walk on a loose lead
  • Proofing behaviours learnt in the puppy course
  • Teaching your dog to go to bed on command
  • How to handle and groom your dog
  • Fun tricks

Book your space on the next course via our bookings page.


Dog Club

Have you worked through the Puppy Training, Foundation Life Skills courses but still enjoy coming to class with your dog as a weekly activity? Do you enjoy spending some one to one time with your dog? Or perhaps you and your dog just love to learn?

Join Dog Club! A mixture of life skills, basic obedience, fun agility, scentwork, trick training and basic gundog. It runs as a 5 week block but you can keep coming back as many times as you like!

Each session lasts 50 mins. You must have attended at least two courses or had a 1:1 session to assess the level of your dog’s training prior to joining Dog Club.


Walk N Train

Do you struggle with recall or focus around other dogs? Maybe, you want your dog to be in the company of other dogs without getting over-excited? Perhaps you want to practise your dog’s training in a real life environment with expert guidance. Or it could be the case that you and your dog would like to walk with some others for company.

Why not join our weekly Walk N Train sessions?

The ‘Walk n Train’ sessions are a great opportunity to practice all you have learnt during classes or in 1:1 sessions, on a walk in the local area. We will look at checking in, when to recall, appropriate play and learn to read your dog’s interactions with others.

You must have previously attended a course or had a 1:1 training session before joining these sessions. Each session lasts approx 50 mins. No upper age limit, puppies must have completed all initial vaccinations. Register your interest to join by emailing us.

To secure your place on one of our courses head across to the bookings page.