Gundog Training

Our Gundog Training classes are perfect for both those looking to work their dog in the field and for pet owners who have an active dog with a desire to retrieve. The exercises you learn will be important skills for the field but also ideal for using on a walk with your pet dog. The classes are designed to enhance your relationship whilst utilising your dog’s natural working abilities using positive, reward based methods.

Gundog Training Class Levels: 

  • Foundation – Level 1
  • Novice – Level 2

It is essential that dogs joining these courses have attended our life skills classes as the dog must have some basic obedience. You must have completed the Foundation Gundog class before being able to book onto the Novice class unless you have had a prior 1:1 and we have confirmed that you are suitable to book directly onto the Novice class.

Foundation Class

The Foundation class focuses on the basic skills required for gundog work such as recall, heel work, steadiness, delivery and hunting an area – all skills that will improve your dog’s general obedience in daily life.

Novice Class

The Novice class builds on the Foundation class with particular focus on heelwork, steadiness to fall, perfecting the delivery, developing directional retrieves, stop whistle and hunt whistle.