Puppy Training Bucks

This dear little lady joined us on 6th June and it hasn’t taken her long to find her place in our home. She made new friends right away! 

If I’m completely honest, I did have my reservations about whether I was ‘biting off more than I could chew’ with having 2 dogs already plus a puppy, my 2 year old son, running a busy family home, and a small business with a partner that works long hours in agriculture.  Some think I may actually be mad ( perhaps I am?!) but thankfully it’s all working.

In my line of business, I see lots of puppies around children and the puppy biting phase can often be a tricky one for owners to manage. Young children that like to run and do just about everything at speed, mixed with a puppy that thinks that looks like a jolly good game to join in with, with their needle like teeth which can quickly result in tears. 

Careful monitoring must be in place at all times often meaning that the puppy has to spend some time behind a stair gate, in a puppy pen or in a crate to keep everyone safe. This was definitely going to be the case for me. I took around 10 days off when Roux first arrived to ensure I was able to focus my attention and give her the very best start I could.  My first priorities when she arrived home was to ensure she was comfortable with her surroundings and the other dogs. We explored the garden together, followed by the house and introduced her to her new house mates. Once this was complete my next focus was to show her at regular intervals where I wanted her to relieve herself to prevent as many accidents in the house as possible and then onto beginning to familiarise her with her crate before she was going to spend her first night in it. 

She had some food in the crate and when tired during the day I put her in there to rest, the door pushed a jar and I stayed close by doing some emails so she wasn’t alone. 

Finally that evening, Ted came home from his childcare and so it was another introduction to a new person for Roux. She was happy and inquisitive and Ted was good at listening to me explaining that we must be gentle with our hands and calm around her whilst she got familar with her new home. 

It was the best first day I could have asked for her and I beleive it lead to her sleeping really well in her crate from 10.30pm -5am when I got up and gave her the chance to toilet in the garden. 

I do often feel like a broken record saying how important the early days are with a new pup/ rescue dog but it honestly can make all the difference.