therapy dog

Zog is going to be a very special dog, he is in training to be a local school’s therapy dog.

Research shows that school dogs can help improve student’s behaviour, raise their self esteem, reduce anxiety, help them to make friends as well as increasing their understanding of responsibility and develop empathy and nurturing skills.

Zog, currently 12 months old, is handsome, affectionate and playful. He is attending both 1:1 training and regular classes with us so he can learn all the appropriate skills to carry out this very important role. His owner is very committed to his training and appreciates the considerable amount of work it takes to produce a dog with the skills required to be a well rounded therapy dog.

Parts of Zog’s training is ‘on the job’ – he sits with the headteacher in the morning and greets the children as they enter the playground after being dropped off by their parents/carers. He also gives out two awards each week. These are issued to children he’s spotted around the school for being kind or caring towards others, trying hard or perhaps having a go at something new.

Zog is so calm and gentle with the children and never jumps up on them. An area that he is finding particularly challenging at the moment is his ability to stay focused on his handler in the presence of other dogs. I do hope you have enjoyed hearing about Zog’s special job and we will update you again at the latter stages of his journey.
I’m sure you’ll join me in wishing ‘Zog the School Dog’ the very best in his future career!