Pet Care

Trusted Pet Care Services in Bledow Ridge, Saunderton, Princes Risborough and the surrounding area.

We love our pets, they are our part of our family and finding someone to take the very best care of them when we are unable to is extremely important.

Should you require any Pet Care services, please discuss your requirements with us directly via the ‘Contact’ Page. Very limited availability only.


Dog Nail Clipping Clinic 

Discover our monthly nail clipping clinic to ensure your dog has a positive experience every time. 

Most dog owners know that cutting a canine nails isn’t as easy and straightforward as it perhaps seems, dogs become easily stressed and can result in your becoming anxious or even avoid nail clipping altogether. 

dog nail clipping service In general, whilst walking your dogs along the pavements they will naturally wear their nails down but it might surprise you that walking your dog alone is often not enough to keep your dogs nail at the perfect length.

Part of keeping your dog in good health is ensuring their nails are kept at an appropriate length,  long nails can cause discomfort to your dog.

As it is likely throughout the dog’s lifetime that they will require nail clipping even if it isn’t on a regular basis, make it a the very best experience possible by bringing them to our one of our dog nail clipping clinics. 

Once a month we run a ‘Dog Nail Clipping Clinic, just book your dog in and we’ll do the rest! We can also accommodate one off appointments at other times providing we have availability.  

Does your dog require a nail clip?

Book your dog in now by visiting the contact page.