Puppy Training

Puppy Life Skills Course

Puppy training classes are suitable for puppies from 10 to 26 weeks of age and are valuable for teaching appropriate socialisation, key life skills and basic obedience. We will be supporting you in laying important foundations which you will continue to build upon. Throughout the course, your pup’s confidence will continue to grow along with the relationship between you both.

Each Puppy Course runs for 5 weeks and each session lasts 50 mins.

What will we cover on the course?

  • Eye contact
  • Reflex to name
  • Basic commands such as Sit & Down
  • Impulse control such as Wait, Leave and not jumping up
  • How to settle & be calm
  • Introduction to teaching your puppy to come when called
  • How to teach your dog to walk on a loose lead
  • Introduction to novelty items for confidence building
  • Focus around distraction

Puppies must have completed their first two initial vaccinations prior to attending the course.

Please go to the ‘bookings‘ page to secure your place on the next puppy course.

Puppy Training FAQ’s

Q: How do I know if you hold puppy classes near me?

A: We have puppy training classes in Princes Risborough and/or puppy training in West Wycombe, easily reached via the M40

Q: Can my whole family attend with the puppy or just one person only?

A: The more the merrier! However, for the benefit of your puppy’s learning we ask that only one family member interacts with the puppy at a time and the others observe.

Q: Will the puppy training classes cover common puppy issues like:

  • How to stop my puppy biting?
  • How to crate training my puppy?
  • How to toilet train my puppy?
  • How to get my puppy to sleep enough?
  • How long should I walk my puppy for?

A: Yes! We discuss one or two topics at every puppy training class so owners feel confident on how to work through these areas.


Puppy Training 1:1 sessions

Welcoming a new puppy into your home is a very exciting but often challenging time. It is so important to get your puppy off to the right start, which is why we offer pre puppy and pre vaccinations 1:1 sessions.

These work well as a first step prior to signing up to the Puppy Training Class because they are held at your home either before your puppy arrives or once your puppy has had a few days to settle into it’s new environment. These sessions do not require your puppy to have completed their vaccinations.

The content of what we cover in the session is your choice, whether that’s looking at basic commands, discussing puppy socialisation, toilet training your puppy, crate training, how to stop puppy biting, appropriate amount of exercise for your puppy or mixture of all!

To book your puppy a 1:1 session, please contact me via phone, email or the ‘contact’ page.


Puppy Training Visits/ Walks

Puppy training walks are an alternative to general walking or daycare for puppies under 8 months old. It is perfect for new puppies and is a great accompaniment to the puppy classes.

An ideal option if you are working in the day or perhaps you are at home but would like a professional input into your puppy’s early development.

You can book a daily puppy training sessions up to 3 times a week. We will come to your home, similar to a dog walker, but instead a professional trainer will be working with your puppy on a 1:1 basis on training and appropriate socialisation whilst you are working. You will have peace of mind that your puppy is getting the best possible start in it’s early development helping to create an all round, well behaved family member.

For more information, or to book in your puppy training walks, please contact me via phone, email or the ‘contact’ page.