Terms & Conditions


The following policies are in the interests of all participants and their dogs and by booking for training with FieldLines you agree to the following:

  1. If you or anyone in your household has Covid or / has symptoms of Covid-19 please let me know and do not attend training.
  2. Face masks are no longer essential however, if you feel more comfortable wearing one, please do so.
  3. FieldLines cannot accept responsibility of any injury, loss or damage to person, dog or property that occurs whilst attending a training.
  4. Please bring all the equipment you require for the training session. In case of rain, please ensure you have adequate wet weather clothing
  5. When booking in for training, we add you to the mailing list to ensure you get all the relevant information you require when attending class/ one to one sessions. Should you wish to be removed from this list at any point, please drop a short email to: info@fieldlines.co.uk.


  1. All puppies to ideally have had their first 2 vaccinations prior to attending class however, you are welcome to attend with pups who have only had 1 vaccination providing you and your vets are happy with this and your puppy is carried in from the car park.
  2. Please encourage your dogs to relieve themselves before entering class.
  3. Should a dog defecate before or during class, anywhere in or outside the training area, the owner will need to clean up and dispose of the waste in a suitable bin.
  4. Keep your dog close to you and under control at all times.
  5. Once you have entered the training venue, please locate a training station ( 2 chairs)
  6. Dogs are to be kept on a lead at all times on the training premises unless instructed otherwise during a training exercise.
  7. Please be considerate towards fellow training attendants and their dogs and do not bring a sick /unwell dog to training. Do let us know as soon as possible if you won’t be attending class, although we encourage you to still attend on your own as lots of the learning can be done without the dog present.
  8. Your dog must not be suffering from any infectious disease that could be transmitted to any other dogs.
  9. Please do not bring a bitch in season to class. We encourage you to still attend on your own as lots of the learning can be done without the dog present. If you have an un-spayed bitch we strongly advise you plan attending courses around their season as we cannot refund your place if your dog comes in to season.
  10. Children are welcome and encouraged but they cannot attend on their own (without adult supervision) if under 18 years old. Please ensure children are under supervision at all times.
  11. Please be considerate towards fellow training attendants and do not attend class if you are unwell/poorly.
  12. FieldLines have the right to remove a dog and owner from the class (without a refund) if they feel the dog’s behaviour is not managed adequately by the owner and is therefore putting the other participants at risk or preventing others from learning.
  13. Harsh handling is strongly discouraged. If it continues after an initial warning, the dog and owner will be asked to leave (without a refund).
  14. The dog and any other person that is brought to class is the owner’s sole responsibility.
  15. Please contact us before enrolling if your dog has aggression issues. Dogs that have aggression and fear concerns will need one on one intervention before enrolling in a group class environment.
  16. Refunds cannot be given after the course has started. One week before course start date refunds are only available in very exceptional circumstances (at the discretion of FieldLines).
  17. It is not possible to transfer funds to alternatives courses/ workshops if you are unable to attend.
  18. We try to prevent re arranging classes wherever possible however, if a class has to be rearranged due to extreme weather conditions ie. torrential rain, very hot, icy, thick snow, instructor / child illness etc an alternative date will be given to cover this class. No part refund can be given if you can not make the new rearranged date.
  19. Should Government Guidelines change in relation to Covid-19 and the course is no longer able to take place in person due to further lockdown or any other related circumstances due to Covid-19, the remainder of the course will be carried out online via Zoom. 
  20. To secure your booking, please follow the online booking system. Payment will need to have been received on the day of booking or the booking will be cancelled. Payment to be made via bank transfer.

One to One Training

When booking a 1:1 training session, please make payment via bank transfer for the full amount on the day of booking. Bookings are not secured until payment has been received.

Any rearranging of sessions must be made in writing by email or text. These will be subject to the following fees:

  • Re arrangement with more than 7 days notice, no payment is due.
  • Re arrangement of a booking less than 7 days but more than 48 hrs will incur a charge of 50% of the fee.
  • Re arrangement or cancellation of a booking with less than 48 hrs notice or where the participant fails to attend the session, full fees are payable.
  • Sessions can be re arranged up to a maximum of 3 times before payment is then forfeited.

Please note – no refunds can be given.

FieldLines reserves the right to amend the Terms & Conditions from time to time as they feel necessary.