Workshops are a one off training session based around a specific area of training. Similar to classes, workshops are designed to be fun and informative in a relaxed setting to help strengthen and encourage the bond between you and your dog.

Puppy Recall 

In this workshop, dedicated to puppies under 6 months, you will start to build basic recall skills with your dog from an early age, empowering you to have the confidence to let your puppy off lead. 

Loose Lead 

In this workshop, we will teach you the techniques and skills required to get your puppy/dog to be in tune with you, walking alongside you on a loose lead. 

Improve Your Recall

In this workshop you will build on your basic recall skills to proof the behaviour around distractions including recall games to strengthen the bond between you & your dog. You will also gain skills and techniques to become confident and relaxed when letting your dog off lead in the countryside. 

Social & Recall Skills 

In this workshop you will learn off lead control. We will work on recall games and response to command. As the dogs are walking and interacting together, we will look at what is and isn’t appropriate play and socialisation and learn to read the dogs’ body language.


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